This is a Grain Changer.

The tools you need to help make profitable grain marketing decisions.

The world of grain marketing with you at the center.

Introducing CargillAg’s new suite of digital tools to help you achieve grain marketing success. Along with the trusted relationship with your Cargill representative, you can reach your goals with this holistic approach for the digital age.

Infographic showing digital tools for Grain Marketing from CargillAg 

"With all these tools working together, this is the most complete technological grain marketing system in agriculture. At every point in the day, every day of the year, Cargill is now with you every step of the way to help make more profitable grain marketing decisions."

CargillAg Platform

Experience a new and CargillAg app to make confident decisions and take action. You can:

  • Manage and deliver on grain contracts in real time
  • Prepare scale tickets for your crop insurance agent
  • Set price alerts and reminders

These tools are available 24/7 to manage your accounts. Download now:

Cargill Representative

We offer digital technologies, but also recognize the representatives who support your goals. Contact your rep when you:

  •  Have grain marketing questions
  •  Need decision assistance with tools
  •  Want to schedule a one-on-one

We offer the best of both worlds: A digital experience with a trusted relationship for grain marketing success.


GrainBridge will allow you to compare prices from grain marketing companies beyond Cargill. It offers:

  • Data for local and regional elevators
  • Insights into farmers’ true positions
  • Historical data from past seasons

No matter when it’s time to sell, you can feel confident about getting the best value for your grain every time.