Floor Contracts

Protect yourself from volatile markets. Capture upside potential.

Set a minimum price to market your grain with confidence.

Floor contracts are a good strategy to protect yourself from market volatility with a guaranteed minimum futures price — also known as a floor. If you’re bearish about the market, you can combine floor contracts with other market strategies to protect your bottom line while still giving yourself the opportunity to capture upside market potential.



Compare Floor Contracts

Minimum Price 

Stay in the market — knowing you’re protected if grain prices fall. With markets in flux, locking in a guaranteed floor price can give you needed confidence in your plan while maintaining upside and the control to price out at any time.

  • Confidently forward contract with protection against unexpected price movements.
  • Choose your own futures reference month, floor price, and timing.
  • Reprice any time before the pricing deadline.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

Daily Floor Plus

Price grain above the market and have guaranteed protection. Daily Floor Plus is a customizable averaging strategy that avoids market lows and captures market highs. Ideal for farmers who like a "set it and forget it" approach to grain marketing.

  • Set your timeframe and customize your plan with 4 price levels — Plus, Floor, Trigger, and Target.
  • Get your Plus price on an equal portion of contracted grain every day the market stays above your Trigger price.
  • At the end of the contract, your bushels are averaged for your final cash price.
  • You agree to a Contingent Offer for like quantity if the market does not hit the Trigger price.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bear

Pacer Ultra™

Average daily pricing with added protection and upside. Set it and forget it with average daily pricing like our Pacer contract. With the added advantage of an established floor price and enhanced average pricing window to capture market upside.

  • Price your floor at or above current market levels — with no averaging points below your floor.
  • Capitalize on upside market participation with an enhanced average pricing window.
  • Establish your basis any time prior to delivery and price out at any time.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

Floor contracts in your grain marketing plan.

Floor contracts protect you from dips in the market, provide a level of confidence with guaranteed prices, and provide opportunities to take advantage of upside market potential. Add diversity to your contract portfolio while knowing your grain won’t be priced lower than your established minimum price.

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